Why Homework Is Bad For You: 10 Interesting Facts

Are you trying to decide if homework is a bad thing, but are not sure what factors to consider in your decision making process? Then it would be to your advantage to figure out the top disadvantages of home-based assignments. Only with the right information will you have enough data to make the correct decision. With that thought in mind, here are the top 10 disadvantages of homework:

  1. Can Cause Depression
  2. It is known that home-based assignments can cause an individual to experience depression, which in turn can drastically reduce the quality of one’s life.

  3. Miss Out On Friendships
  4. Sitting indoors always doing your work will not allow a child to play with their friends, which will reduce the amount of friendship they can take into adult life.

  5. Physical Exercise
  6. It might be the case that doing too much homework will not leave any time for physical exercise. This is bad because balance is required for every individual out there.

  7. Hobbies
  8. Hobbies are an important aspect of life, and they can make a person happy. Not having any time to do them due to an overwhelming home-based work schedule can be a burden.

  9. Not Required
  10. It might be the case that the work which has been assigned is simply not required for the education of the child. It might simply be a repetition of what was learnt in class.

  11. Too Difficult
  12. Some assignments might actually be too difficult to complete, and require the help of a teacher. If that is the case then the student might feel stuck at home with no idea what to do.

  13. Distractions
  14. At home a student has too many distractions to overcome in order to complete the work. Whereas at school they can get on with the work undisturbed.

  15. Burden On Parents
  16. If some assignments rely on the parents to help then this might place a burden on them. They could have little time because of a busy work schedule.

  17. Hate Work
  18. If a student has to do too much work then they might simply begin to hate the work. Too much of anything can be a bad thing.

  19. Stress
  20. When there is too much homework to do a student might constantly feel stressed out. This can lead to serious negative health issues down the line.